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Year 5 Trip to the Planetarium

Year 5 enjoyed their trip to the planetarium Wander if they found any Aliens. See how they got on from the pictures below;

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Mind to be kind

Mind to be kind

Kindness is something we should spread around to everyone. Everyone has a little bit of kindness in their heart, even when we have hard times think of kindness and your worries will go away.

In 5N we have be doing lots of activities based on kindness such as, a kindness tree, a class shield that is linked to kindness and a little poem that goes like this:

Spread a little kindness everywhere you go,

Let that little kindness from your heart gently flow,

Reach out with kindness to all those in need,

Smile at others with kindness AND SPREAD THE KINDNESS SEED.

Now that we have made are kindness tree, our teacher has red heart shapes left them on her desk for us to take of her desk and write something nice about someone else and nominate them so Mrs Scott can see. So far we have had 12 hearts on the tree.


By Mylee Kirton-Harewood 5N

MTBK tree



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5N’s Maths

In year 5 this year we have been learning about a lot of different maths topics. We started with learning how to read large numbers up to 100, 1000, and 10,000.

Quick example:

Reading large numbers

Place Value: Reading Large Numbers

Our numbers are divided into 3-digit groups called periods.  The periods are separated by commas.  Each comma has its own name: thousand, million, billion, etc.  If you can read a 3-digit number, and you know the comma names, you can read ANY number! That’s all there is to it!

Example: 457,635,094 = Four hundred and fifty seven million, six hundred and thirty five thousand and ninety four.

4 5 7 6 3 5 0 9 4

Some cool tips

(1)Put a comma after every three digits.

(2)If you do not get it, do it the visa versa method.( Visa Versa means to do it backwards) 094  say four units, nine tens, no hundreds etc.

(3)Understand your place values.(4)HM =hundred million TM =ten million M million HTH =hundred thousand TTH =ten thousand TH thousand H=hundred T=tens U=unit.


Prime factors

Although, it was hard to learn factor trees (Prime factor trees) it was fun to do them. We started off with learning our prime numbers up to 100. To do a factor tree we start off with putting the first number on top of the tree. Then you put 2 numbers under it. Then if the 2 under numbers are prime numbers or if at least 1 of them are prime numbers we don’t continue on them but the ones that aren’t we do until they both become prime numbers.

Here are all the prime numbers up to 100, 2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19 23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71,73,79,83,89 and 97.

Here is a quick link to help you

Prime Numbers Rap Song Typography (Math) – YouTube

Fraction chart

Our next topic was on fractions

I know that fractions are amounts of the denominator (the bottom number) and that you can convert fractions into percentages here’s a quick example 1/10= 10% and you can convert them to decimals for example 1/12= 0.0833. I know that the denominator is below the fraction line and the numerator is on top.

A cake with one quarter (one fourth) removed. The remaining three fourths are shown. This missing part is a quarter, fraction 1/4. The remaining parts are 3/4

fraction represents a part of a whole or any number of equal parts. What we know about fractions is that when you are calculating a hard question like what is 5/6 of 72 , you first we divide 72 by 6 which if you know your division facts or times tables you will know that the answer is 12 but that’s not all, you have to multiply 5 by 12 which is 60 so then 5/6 of 72= 60.

We enjoyed our maths although it was hard. We learnt new and more skills about all the maths we have done.


By Zyon Notice, Maciej Toffel and Danny Wu

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5N at the Maritime Museum

Maitime 4

Maritime 3

Maritime Museum 1

Marititime 4

Maritme Museum 2

We had so much fun at the Maritime Museum.  I dressed up as a pirate; we got to play fun games.

The part I liked was when we got to play with the cannons and defeat the pirates.

David and Aldrin

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Autumn Learning in 5N 2018

Dear, Dr Eko

I am writing to inform you about the issue of recycling.  As you may be aware, we are all worried about the impact of not recycling.  In addition, the school council have made a decision regarding recycling to make a big change in the school.

As you know, everyone thinks you’re an amazing head teacher and I would always agree with every great decision you make.  We know you are very supportive of the school council.  Therefore, I am appealing to you to help us reduce our waste.

Firstly, we need to reduce our plastic waste.  Not only would this save a lot of money but it would also help the planet.  Did you know, enough plastic bottles are tossed away each year to circle the planet 4 times, that’s enough to create 22 million XL T-shirts! Many children bring disposable water bottles to school, we order our milk in plastic bottles, and ink cartridges are plastic.  Is it possible for all children to have reusable bottles? Why don’t we have milk delivered in glass bottles? Do we use recycled cartridges. These three actions would reduce our plastic waste.

My next argument is about paper waste.  If we used recycled paper instead of normal paper we are saving 7,000 gallons of water per ton paper produced, we are also saving 900,000,000 trees per year, so as a result we are saving both water and trees which is great! Just think!  With all the paper we use each year, we could build a 12ft high wall of paper from New York to California, and I don’t want to contribute to the paper waste, do you?

My final argument is about water waste. I first though this was not a problem but I realise I was wrong when I found out what a great problem this is! If we carry on like this, we will not reach our dream to giving everyone water. Did you know, on average everyone person in the UK wastes 150 litres of water per day! We could give this water to children in need! Also one cotton T-shirt has about 25 full baths of water embedded in it.  Children in the school waste water; leaving taps running, channeling water to the messy kitchen also waste water.

In summary of all this, we could save a lot of water, plastic and trees, if we start recycling more.  We could get a green flag for the school! But if we put this aside we will all regret it, and our problems will build up to a point where we wish this would have never happened. If this is the best school,  then recycle! We have one earth save it!

Yours sincerely,
Christina Tong 5N


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5N’s Class Blog

5N have had fun exploring poetry, we wrote our own versions of the Magic Box. Here are some examples:


I will put in the box…

The gigantic flapping ears of an elephant,

Spinning flames on a fiery sword,

Zig zagging furious lightning made by Zeus.

I will put in the box

Every single wet popping bubble,

A glue tube squirting with a blob of sticky glue.

I will put in the box

An out of control standing mages staff,

The gigantic chomping head of a T-rex.


I will put in the box…

A droplet of the ocean that glimmers everywhere you go,

The shiniest shell on the still sands,

One ball of white fine snow jumping up and down.

I will put in the box

A mint pearl that likes to roll wherever it goes,

An icy feeling of the season winter leaping on my shoulders,

My own Australian Shepherd dog dancing and moving with me.


There was a girl called Fare,

Who wanted a golden chair,

Her mum said NO!

With her big ego,

So she ran and screamed upstairs.


There was once a girl called Rileigh,

Who could beat her big sister Mylee.

She won a championship,

For eating lots of chips,

And discovered she could fight with Kylie.

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