Adamsrill Primary School

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New Year in the Nursery

The children in the Nursery have been reading the story ‘Good Night, Good Night Construction Site’.  They have been busy building and making some vehicles based on this story.  We have been using shapes to make our vehicles and some of our vehicles have moving parts!

My bulldozerMaking a truck A crane

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Bang, Whizz, Pop and Zoom

Firework night was a big talking point! The children have made some shape rockets, sparklers, experimented with marble painting and written some firework words. Bang, Whizz, pop and zoom! The classroom has been explosion of glitter and colour! The children have been learning about shapes and have been on ‘shape hunts’ around the Nursery garden. We have been reading the story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear what can you see? The children have learnt the names of the colours and have got very good at joining in with story and remembering which animal comes next.  Cat Bateman visited the morning Nursery and performed a selection of nursery rhymes for ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’.  It was very well supported by our parents and everyone was impressed with the children’s singing! A big thank you to Cat Bateman.



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New Beginnings in Nursery

A ‘Big Hello’ to all our new Nursery children and a ‘Welcome Back’ to our children from last year!

The children in the Nursery are settling wonderfully. It’s been a time for making new friends, exploring, and exciting new adventures. The children in the Nursery have certainly taken every opportunity to embrace their first experience of school.   We have welcomed a new generation of budding artists, engineers, actors, scientists and musicians and we are incredibly proud of how the children have settled.   The children have been fully immersed in the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and loved singing ‘12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive’,’ Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Incy Wincey Spider’.  They have produced some shimmering Rainbow Fish, some wise octopus and some scary play dough spiders.  They have challenged themselves physically in the garden by climbing and balancing and investigated the falling autumn leaves. We are all looking forward to learning together over the coming year.


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