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We have gathered together information, links and other resources that you will find helpful below.

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Information For Parents:

2016 national curriculum tests at the end of key stages 1 and 2

Do you have a child in primary school in year 2 or year 6?

If so, they will be taking the national curriculum tests (SATs) in May 2016.
The tests will provide information about how your child is progressing, compared to children the same age nationally.

They are not qualifications and don’t affect your child’s future options in school. The results are used to ensure that schools are teaching their pupils the essential knowledge and skills in the subjects that are the early building blocks. This is to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

There are changes to the tests this year at both key stages. This is because the tests are based on the new national curriculum, which your child has been taught since September 2014.

You can download full details here.


The internet is increasingly becoming an essential tool in the developmeny and progression of pupil’s learning
Below are links to very useful internet safety factsheets to help keep your children safe when using the internet:

Useful Websites

SAT’s revision

Parents advice

Parent’s Resources

Wide Cow – Days Out and Places to Visit!

Did you know that 80% of children do not go out over the school holidays and instead just stay indoors?

When WideCow was created, one of the aims was to change this and encourage children and families to get out of the house and spend quality time together.

WideCow is a fun, easy to navigate website, jam packed with places and attractions to go all over Britain. Just click on the link.

Back to School Magazine

Back To School Magazine is a digital magazine aimed at parents and carers of primary school children. Why don’t you take a quick look? It is full of useful information from improving pupil progress to healthy eating and nutrition. There is a very useful and informative article looking at phonics teaching and another on managing friendships.

There is no commitment, it is completely free (and always will be!). Click on the link to take a peek.

Buying Computers and Laptops