What makes Adamsrill unique

Adamsrill Primary school is unique for various reasons. Watch our video and read what some members of the community have to say about it:

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What our staff say:

Adamsrill Primary school is unique for its diversity, and the wealth of cultures and backgrounds that the children and families bring to the school. The children are unique in their expressiveness, openness and honesty. (Ms Gibson)

I think Adamsrill is unique because we are so diverse. We are a beautiful school with a mixture of children and staff from different countries, talking different languages and with totally different looks and smiles. (Miss Kaya)

Adamsrill is devoted to building the skills, knowledge and understanding that will give our children the tools to succeed in their education and beyond. Adamsrill is unique because our reward is developing well-rounded, confident and responsible members of society. (Mr Shelton) 

It has a sense of togetherness. Irrespective of what is happening in the world, we are coming together to ensure the children still get high quality learning and it makes me proud to be an Adamsrilian. (Ms Walters)

Supportive staff members, who are always there to care, share, hear and value each other. Pupils who show a love for learning with innocent and contagious enthusiasm. A vibrant place to be where both staff and pupils are valued. (Ms Anderson)

Adamsrill is a successful, resilient, multicultural school, teaching and caring for our children, our families and each other (teachers and staff) whilst being  creative and having fun. We represent the essence of London. (Ms Casal)

I think that the majority of children are very polite and helpful. This school encourages the children to take control of their learning through a creative and broad approach to the curriculum. Also the children are encouraged to have and enjoy having responsibility, whether that is being a playground monitor all the way up to being a class representative in the school council, where they understand and respect it. (Miss Odigbo)

All staff (from headteacher to premises manager and cleaners) are warm, welcoming and responsive to the needs of our children. We work collaboratively with our parents in a caring and connected way. Children's academic achievement and personal goals are celebrated with the whole school. Adamsrill demonstrates that there are no boundaries to a child's educational achievement as anything is possible. (Mrs Lee)

Adamsrill creative curriculum, which includes application focus week (AFW) engages our pupils in a unique way to their learning. (Mrs Harracksingh).

Adamsrill staff are highly committed to providing our pupils with many creative opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. At Adamsrill we encourage families to work in partnership with us to ensure that pupils achieve their highest potential. (Mr Horne)

At Adamsrill the resilience and adaptability of both staff and pupils to academic and non-academic challenges is outstanding. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum which incorporates the art, music, and science whilst at the same time ensure that pupils get what they need for the next phase of their learning. (Mrs Onye)

We at Adamsrill believe we must learn as a community. Every pupil is unique and special, pupils experience learning in a positive and balanced way. (Mrs Butt)

It is unique because of its history and because it is genuinely a community school. For example we have staff members such as the wonderful Mrs Whiffin who have worked here for more than four decades. (Mrs Norris)

Adamsrill is unique because we educate for life and that is why, apart from teaching, we are an institution where we all learn and develop as a community in an environment of respect, solidarity and dialogue. (Ms Strzalkowska-Guerra)

Adamsrill School has a diverse range of both children and adults from ALL walks of life , all ages, abilities, backgrounds, faiths.  We are a true reflection of our community and we enjoy celebrating children’s wins big or small. (Mrs Blake)

The positive and talented community of staff, parents and pupils is amazing. (Staff member, anonymous)

The dedication, support and impact of the PTA- Friends of Adamsrill, is impressive! (Mrs Bentil-Mensah)

Adamsrill has good leaders (both the school leaders and the governors) who genuinely want the best for the pupils and they have the pupils’ interest at the centre of every decision they make. (Mrs Ogunjinmi)

What Ofsted say:

Pupils show a real interest in other people’s lives and in the world around them. They are engaging, confident and witty in conversation. This is because they are used to adults in the school listening to them, valuing them and caring for them. (Ofsted 2020)

Staff do their very best to keep pupils safe and happy (Ofsted 2020)