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Year 4 Trip Highlights

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11th January 2022

Dear families,

The children are having a great time at the farm.

  • They ate well yesterday
  • Played well too
  • Went to bed on time
  • Slept well
  • Got up at 7am this morning
  • Have completed their early morning farm jobs and enjoyed doing them
  • Milked some cows
  • Collected some eggs (which they will use to make meringue- Yummy)

So very sorry to inform you that they are having such a lovely time and are not missing home yet. They are having a jolly good time.

From Miss Pau and Staff on the Y4 trip

12th January 2022

The children had a great time meeting all the animals yesterday! They had the opportunity the pet the animals. A special guest called Brian visited us to tell us all about the importance of bees! The children made some candles from wax and also did some honey tasting!

The children all slept well last night.