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Parents' Weekly Communication -

Friday 7th January 2022





 Year 4 Residential Trip - Letter from Dr Eko

Please click here to read letter from Dr Eko with instructions for next week's Year 4 trip.

Parents Maths Workshop - January 19th 

Please click here to read letter from Dr Eko

After School Clubs

Please click here to see the list of after school activities that start next week.

Year 1 - Detal check and Reception - Vision and Hearing Screening

Year 1 Dental check is taking place on Tuesday 11th January. Please return your consent form that Miss O'Meally sent out last term if you haven't already.

Reception vision and screening check is taking pleace on Wednesday 12th Janaury.

Please click here for letter and consent form.

Thank you.

Class Newsletters - Nursery - Year 6

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