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Parents' Weekly Communication -

Friday 14th January 2022





Year 5 Messages  

Year 5N assembly - February 10th

Year 5 - Parents Maths Workshop - January 19th 

Year 5 Trip to The Horniman Museum - February 25th 

Parents Maths Workshop - January 19th 

Please click here to read letter from Dr Eko

Nursery School Trip Letter to The Horniman Museum.

Please click here to read and return the school trip letter from the nursey.

Nursery Parents - Message from the Nursery Team

Dear Nursery Parents,

As part of the Dental and Hygiene topic in PHSE, the Nursery will be introducing toothbrushing after lunch for the Nursery FT and PM children. The school will provide a labelled toothbrush for each child, we will keep the toothbrushes in the Nursery classroom for daily use.

Please speak with Miss Casal or Miss Chris Clarke if you have any questions.

Kindest regards and many thanks,

The Nursery Team

Free School Meals

Please click here to see if you could be entitled to Free School Meals

Class Newsletters - Nursery - Year 6

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