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Parents' Weekly Communication -

Friday 27th May 2022





School Fund  Scheme for parents -  Register to receive your 2% CASHBACK on your purchases.  

My School Fund Scheme

We’re pleased to announce that Adamsrill Primary School is part of the My School Fund initiative. This innovative scheme allows our parents/staff and school to be able to boost their finances by receiving 2% cash-back and it is COMPLETELY FREE to sign up. 

CLICK HERE for information and registration

Open Evening Visit for Parents

Please click here to read the letter from Mrs Onye regarding our open evening to visit school work on Tuesday 28th June.


Reception Phonics

RWI Set 1 Sounds




RWI Set 2 Sounds

Reading igh 

Spelling igh

Reading ow   

Spelling ow 

Reading oo (zoo)

Reception Trip to the Horniman Museum

Please click here for details of the Reception Trip to The Horniman Museum on 23rd June.

Year 1  Phonics 

 Please note that Year 1 Phonics Assessment starts on Monday 6th June.

Year 1 Phonics review

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 2

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 3

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 4

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 5

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 6 

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 7 

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 8

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 9 

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 10 

Set 3 'Special Friends, Fred Talk' - Lesson 11


 Sing Up Day - June 29th 

Please click here to find the link for the Sing Up Day song - June 29th.

  Mrs Wray has also included a link where Becky Owen who wrote the song teaches you how to sing it.

Year 1 - School Trip to The Horniman Museum 

Please click here to read the letter regarding Year 1 school trip to The Horiman Museum on Thursday June 16th 2022.



Year 3 - School Trip to Kew Gardens 

Please click here to read the letter regarding Year 3 school trip to kew Gardens on Monday 6th June. 

Year 6 - PGL Letter 

Please click here for information regarding Year 6 and School Journey 27th June

Year 6 - End of Year Activities

Please click here to read about the end of term for year 6

Please click here to read about year 6 RSE lessons starting on Monday 23rd May.   

Friends Of Adamsrill - Peddar Boards and Jubilee Fair.


The Adamsrill 2022 Summer fair will be on Saturday 2nd July and will have a 1950's theme to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee! We have lots of great ideas for games and food and stalls but we need your help to make it a real success! 

If you would like to be more involved or want more information please email us at or just and come and find us!

Jubilee Summer Fair

Please also note that Peddar have offerred to donate money to the Jubilee Fair for every Peddar board that families are willing to have put up outside their homes to advertise the fair. 

Complete the form for the pedder board here


Ellie, Martha and FOA committee

Nursery Trip To Mayow Park and Notice 

Please click here to read the updated letter from Miss Casal regarding Nursery's trip to Mayow park.

"Dear Nursery parents, 

There is a change in the days of the Nursery's trip to Mayow park. The trip for all the Nursery children will now take place on: 

Thursday 30th June 

AM children: 10:00-12:00 am

FT+PM children: 1:00-3:00 pm 

More information will be provided in due time."

 Thank you

Spontaneous Productions.

Want to take part in our outdoor Community Musical END OF this June? 

Sydenham based theatre company Spontaneous Productions is seeking young performers aged 7-11 to take part in two performances on Sat 25 June in Home Park. No experience necessary, though keen actors/singers/dancers especially welcome! 

The show is set in the future, and tells the story of two tribes warring over limited resources, after Climate Change has ravaged the world. Can they learn to work together, build a time machine and warn their ancestors before it is too late? 

We will be holding auditions after the half term, so to be considered, please contact producer/director Jonathan Kaufman at with the following details: 

Your child(ren)'s age, gender, experience (if any) 

Participants would need to be available for three rehearsal days: 

Wed 22, Thu 23 and Fri 24 June - 4pm-7pm - all rehearsals in Home Park, behind

And for the performance day: Sat 25 June, shows at 2pm & 3.30pm in the same venue. Show will last 45 mins, so start time would be 1pm, and finish time 5pm, with a break between performances. 

Please note only accompanied (chaperoned) children may take part - so if you are willing to chaperone, pls let us know asap. 

There will only be 6-8 roles available, so unfortunately we can't use everybody who applies. Good luck! 

I have attached the show's publicity material, with illustration by Adamsrill student Stella Collings. 

Please note the show cannot be booked advance, just turn up and 'pay what you can' on the door 

Thank you!


Jonathan Kaufman--

Creative Director / Producer

Spontaneous Productions Theatre Company (not-for-profit) 

Sydenham Library.