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Parents' Weekly Communication -

Friday 29th April 2022





School Fund  Scheme for parents -  Register to receive your 2% CASHBACK on your purchases.  

My School Fund Scheme

We’re pleased to announce that Adamsrill Primary School is part of the My School Fund initiative. This innovative scheme allows our parents/staff and school to be able to boost their finances by receiving 2% cash-back and it is COMPLETELY FREE to sign up. 

CLICK HERE for information and registration

Head Teachers e-newsletter April 2022

 Please click here to see a copy of the School e-newsletter for April

Year 5 Trip -  Maritime Museum 

Please click here to read about the Year 5 School Trip to The Maritime Museum 

on Tuesday 10th May 2022

Reception Trip to The Horniman Museum

Please click here to read the letter for The reception Trip to the Horniman Museum.

 Reception Phonics

RWI Set 1








RWI Set 2

Reading ar

Spelling ar


Reading or

Spelling or


Reading air

Spelling air


Reading ir

Spelling ir


Reading ou

Spelling ou


Reading oy 

Spelling oy


Thank you

Reception Team  

 Measles, Chicken Pox and Shingles Letter 

Please click here to read the letter from Dr Eko

 Drumbeat Parent Workshops

 Please be aware that these sessions are for parents of Reception aged children and younger. Our workshops are free to all parents, and all sessions will take place online via Zoom. If any parents would like to book a place, or have any queries at all, they are welcome to get in touch.


Exploring the Barriers to Eating and Drinking - Thursday 5th May 2022 10am-12pm.

Developing Independence in Self-Care and Hygiene -Tuesday 14th June 2022 10am-12pm.

Supporting Transition from Nursery to School - Thursday 23rd June 2022 - 6-8pm.


  Many thanks,
Alexandra Cronin

Drumbeat School and ASD Service

Update on End of Free Coronavirus Testing and New Guidance 

Department of Education letter - English Department of Education letter - French

Department of Education letter - Igbo

Department of Education letter - Polish

Department of Employment letter - Portuguese

Department of Employment letter - Spanish

Department of Education letter - Tamil

Department of Employment letter - Twi

Department of Education letter - Urdu

Department of Education letter - Yuruba