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Parents' Weekly Communication -

Friday 13th May 2022





School Fund  Scheme for parents -  Register to receive your 2% CASHBACK on your purchases.  

My School Fund Scheme

We’re pleased to announce that Adamsrill Primary School is part of the My School Fund initiative. This innovative scheme allows our parents/staff and school to be able to boost their finances by receiving 2% cash-back and it is COMPLETELY FREE to sign up. 

CLICK HERE for information and registration


Year 6 - WW2 Workshop Letter 

Please click here to read the letter about the WW2 workshop that will betaking place in Adamsrill for Year 6 - Wednesday 25th May 2022

Operation Encompass -  Working With Schools

Please click here to read the letter from The Metropolitan Police.

 Year 1 Phonics 

 Set 2 reading at home








 Set 3 reading at home  







 Set 2 review sounds

ay ee igh

ow oo oo

ar or air

ir ou oy


Set 3 review sounds

ea oi a-e

aw are ur

i-e o-e u-e

er ow ai

oa ew ire

ear ure


Year 1 - School Trip to The Horniman 16th June.

Please save the date, more details to follow next week.

 Frogspawn and Pond Plants Please 


Dear Parents and carers, 

If you have any spare pond plants or frogspawn we would really appreciate it.

We are hoping to populate our pond with froglets and more wild life. 

Any donations most welcome.

 Thank you.

Friends of Adamsrill - Quiz Night This Evening 13th May 

Dear All,

Please note that the quiz and curry night that was scheduled for this evening has unfortunately been cancelled. 

Thank you.

Friends Of Adamsrill - Summer Fair Notice


The Adamsrill 2022 Summer fair will be on Saturday 2nd July and will have a 1950's theme to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee! We have lots of great ideas for games and food and stalls but we need your help to make it a real success!

Like last year we are looking for people to take on a stall and make it their own or decorate the grounds and really take part in the event. There will be prizes for the best dressed stall, and parents! We already have the basics for most of the stalls so it really wouldn't be much work for lots of fun!

We are going to hold a few meetings so that as many people as possible can be involved -the first is going to be on Friday 20th May after school drop off. We will send out a message confirming place and time via WhatsApp but please try to come and bring friends.

These events are such great fun and as last year proved, the more parents involved the more fun it is and the more money we raise!

If you would like to be more involved or want more information please email us at or just and come and find us!


Ellie, Martha and FOA committee

Nursery Trip To Mayow Park and Notice 

Please click here to read the updated letter from Miss Casal regarding Nursery's trip to Mayow park.

"Dear Nursery parents, 

There is a change in the days of the Nursery's trip to Mayow park. The trip for all the Nursery children will now take place on: 

Thursday 30th June 

AM children: 10:00-12:00 am

FT+PM children: 1:00-3:00 pm 

More information will be provided in due time."

 Thank you