Extracurricular Activities


Each term we offer new sessions to every child in Year 1 - 6. If you are interested, you will have the opportunity to select your choices at the beginning of each term. You will then be notified if your child has secured a place or added to the waiting list for when a place becomes available. Please note, that all the activities are booked on a first-come first-served basis. 


Payment must be in advance, parents will receive payment information via Parent Pay (text and email) which is our online payment platform. Failure to pay your payment in advance may result in your child being taken out of the activity and their place offered to someone without any further notice. 

If your child is participating in multiple activities, please also note, due to having debt in one activity, your child's place will be withdrawn from all activities until the debt is settled in full.  


Refunds will only be given in the case that a session can not be fulfilled by the activity lead or school. 


At Adamsrill Primary School we aim to offer a range of extended school activities for children Years 1-6. Currently, we are running the following after-school activities/clubs, please contact the office for more information. 

Please note: first late collection you will receive reminder/warning and second late collection will be loss of space and the fees are non-refundable.


Information for Parents:

Regarding health and safety regulations and in light of Child Protection guidelines, please note the following points which apply to all extended school activities/clubs. 

  • Children should wear their school PE kit and trainers for all sports clubs
  • Parents/Carers must ensure children do not bring mobile phones or electronic games to extended activities/clubs as these are not permitted in school
  • Parents and carers are to collect or arrange for their child/ren to be collected promptly. Please  wait outside the main gate for collection or press the buzzer to speak to the staff. 
  • If you wish to give permission for any named person other than yourself to collect your child at the end of the activity, please inform the school office in writing
  • Expectations of behaviour will be as high as during normal school hours. Failure to comply could result in your child/ren being withdrawn from any future activities
  • Activity fees, in general, are to be paid in full and in advance of an activity
  • Please note that if your child/ren are collected late, after 5.45pm on more than two occassions, this could result in having the space withdrawn.