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We have been learning about food chains

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Mission Invertebrates at Greenwich Park

Rules and safety given by Hannah before playing a  sorting game in the hut while it was raining.

Rules and safety given by Hannah before playing a
sorting game in the hut while it was raining.

We found lots of plankton and some frog spawns.

We found lots of plankton and some frog spawns.

We had to roll logs and dig to find invertebrates.

We had to roll logs and dig to find invertebrates.

I found two earthworms.

I found two earthworms.

IMG_0238IMG_0239IMG_0241IMG_0242Time to go pond dippingTime to go pond dipping.

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October in Y2

For Black History Month we have been focusing on Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.

Martin Luther King was born in 1929, he liked sports, piano and school. In 1929 times were hard for African Americans and they were not allowed to go to certain areas. Martin Luther King helped to change the law by uniting white and African American people.

Martin Luther King made the ‘I Have A Dream’ speech because he wanted to change the law. He was 39 when he died.

By a child in 2G.

‘I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!’

We discussed this speech and what it means to us…


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2G Shakespeare project week 1

This week we had an amazing assembly! Mr Horne introduced our Shakespeare Project to the school. As William Shakespeare he told us that Year 2 would be studying Romeo and Juliet.

Our classroom was transformed it into an open space so that we could immerse ourselves in the characters and storyline of the play.


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Make and Take a Puppet

As part of our Science topic on materials, Year 2 recently enjoyed a thrilling trip to Horniman’s Museum where they took part in a ‘Make and Take a puppet’ workshop. We listened to a fantastic story about Rupa the Elephant where a mechanical puppet was used as an integral part of the story; it could cry tears!

Horniman Rupa the elephant story




Block printing

Make and take a puppet

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Wow! Has two weeks gone by already.

These two weeks have gone by so fast and we have had so many great moments that we thought we would share a few of these moments with you.

In Science, we continued our Science investigation, which was ‘what is the best material in order to make a boat float?’ Pupils enjoyed working in small groups to make their boats.  When testing our boats we were able to arrive at a conclusion.  We found that plastic was the best material to use because it is light and waterproof.

For ICT we designed and made animation flip books, this was lots of fun. It was great seeing our images come to life.

In recorders we learnt how to play ‘a’ and ‘b’ notes, we used these notes to play a short tune.

During Italian lessons, we also learnt our colours and counting to 20 forwards and backwards. Soon we will be speaking Buona Italia!

For geography, we enjoyed creating maps of our local area. We even mapped our way from Mayow Park to the school.

For literacy, we wrote a detailed letter to Horrid Henry explaining how to get to our school from Mayow Park and why he should come to our school.

We had a visitor on Wednesday; a representative from the London Fire Brigade came and spoke to us about Fire prevention. Now we know how to prevent a fire in our homes and if there is a fire, we know how to leave our homes safely.

A letter to Horrid Henry giving directions to our school and why he should visit the school

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What a excellent week in Golden 2G

In 2G we have been learning new rules to help us be happy and safe. It is different in Year 2 as we now have many stairs to climb before we reach our class.

When we get to our class, we have to self-register and then hang up our coats and put our bags away in our cloakroom. We have learnt to then go to our home seats and start our early morning work. Early morning work is usually English or Maths but sometimes Mrs Lee wants us to make our work even better.

In English, we have been writing about ourselves in simple sentences so Mrs Lee knows a bit more about us. We have described Horrid Henrys Perfect Peters feelings as well as the Lion in the meadow that Mrs Lee read.

In Maths, we have started doing CLIC using whiteboards. We have been counting in 100s, sometimes going all the way to 2000. We have been reading and writing numbers to 100. The Beat That test on a Friday is challenging but fun especially the music we listen to before we start our test.

In PE we had to listen carefully to instructions on being a dancing puppet and playing a wooden musical instrument.

We have told Mrs Lee all we know about our local area and know that we live in an urban area.

In 2G we have to be kind and do our work on our own and do our tests silently. We are enjoying being in Year 2 because we can challenge ourselves more and there is harder work.

As part of our class agreement we walk through the corridors in a line and silently so that we are safe.

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