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Year 3 this term

Year three have now finished their topic of Rocks and at the end of last term we visited Chislehurst caves for a fantastic tour of the chalk caves! We learnt about the different people who have used the caves over the last 4000 years! In science we concluded our topic by making our own soil using rocks, compost and waste food with real life worms to help break down the food! Class 3B delivered an excellent sharing assembly all about Stone Age boy and wowed us all with their version of ‘We Will Rock You’.

This new term has started well with our new book Varmints and a new topic of ‘Animals Including Humans’. We are grouping animal according to what they eat and then learning about healthy living. In Geography we have looked at the U.K. and learnt about the locations of some of our major cities.


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This week in 3N has been an exciting one!

We have introduced our Topic all about the Stone Age by reading ‘Stig of the Dump’ and ‘Stone Age Boy’. We have explored expanded noun phrases and learnt how to use adverbials to say where, when or how something has happened, and this lead to our first Big Write on a retell of the opening of the story of The Stone Age boy.  We began our Science Topic on Rocks by handling, investigating and discussing and then grouping different type of rocks! Everyone is excited by idea of going to Chislehurst cave near the end of the term to have our landing event. In Math’s, we started by looking at place value and using partitioning to add two digit numbers together. In P.E. we have started our Gymnastics unit by looking a different types of jumps and turns, we played a funny game of follow my leader and the class got quite competitive with some of our exercises!

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