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Kingswood Day 5

On our last day, we finished off with practising our fencing skills in the sun and working on cooperation skills as a team. Sorry about all the muddy and wet laundry.

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Kingswood Day 4 2019

Dear parents,

Another enjoyable day at Kingswood. We started the day off by conquering our fear of heights on High Equilibrium. Then army crawled our way through a ‘trench’ of obstacles and mud. We dined on ‘Home way from Home’ food. Learned how to light fires in the Bushcraft area. Sorry our clothes are both muddy and smokey. Then tuned into our inner Robin Hood while practising our archery. We finished off our day showing off our dancing moves at the disco.

Thank you for the letters and cards you sent us. See you all tomorrow!!

Year 6 Kingswood Residential children

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Kingswood Day 3

Dear parents,

Today was a very WET day!!! We conquered our fear of heights on Jacob’s Ladder and built a shelter to get out of the rain. Got lost orienteering several times around the campus.Our meals took us to Italy with a range of Italian food. We finished the day as our very own superheroes in the scrapheap challenge, using only our hands and tape.

We aim to enjoy the aim enjoy the last few days, while keeping our values in check.

See you on Friday.

Year 6 Kingswood Residential children

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Kingswood 2019 Day 1 and 2

Dear Parents, 

Wow! We have been busy. Check out these photos of us…


Rock climbing,

Playing Aeroball

Mini olympics

Obstacle course

Problem Solving challenge

Please note more photos will be added soon.

Love you and miss you

Year 6 Kingswood Residential children.

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Friday 28th September 2018

Our first few weeks at school have been incredible! Our English learning has involved us studying speech writing as we gear towards our Head Boy / Head Girl election. We have learned the importance of writing to persuade by using a range of literary devices; some of the devices we have included are: – Modal verbs, Rhetorical questions, Subjunctive mood and Emotive language.

We have also worked on our inference skills in our guided reading sessions. We now know that inference is the ability to read between the lines, to find clues surrounding the author’s suggestions and intentions. This has also been supported by our newly-learned skill of using Point. Evidence. Explanation to answer questions.

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Welcome to 6B!

Hello! My name is Mrs Amechi and I am class 6B’s teacher. Our Blog will be frequently updated, please check back to keep up with all that is going on in 6B. If you would like to read our Year Group Newsletter click here.


As we know this year is going to be our most testing year but we are determined to success! We know we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it!

We’ve started the school year writing recounts of our summer holidays in our English learning. We have also implemented our weekly grammar focus of past tense in all its forms! Did you know there was more than one form of past tense? Simple past, past progressive and past perfect.

Our Maths learning this term has started off with us revisiting place value. We have been rounding, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000! We have also polished our rounding skills by rounding decimal numbers to one decimal place.

Our topic this term is ‘Rivers’ we have launched our Geography learning by investigating the various stages in the life cycle of a river. We will visit Deptford Creek to bring our understanding of rivers to life!

It’s been a fantastic start so far. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Thank you for reading our blog.

Mrs Amechi

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Kingswood 2018 photo gallery

Check here for new photos of our adventures.

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Kingswood 2018

We are having a wonderful time. Our days are so full that when we hit our pillows at the end of the day we are out. We have become a bit rosie from the sun and worn out but you’ll love our stories of bravery when we return.


Our final night disco


Scrapheap challenge


Check out the gallery page for more photos. 


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Kingswood 2018 – day 2

An early morning walk.


Some of our day!!

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Kingswood 2018

Our evening fire…

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Our first activities…

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We have arrived


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Year 6 Take Over day

On Thursday 9th November it was Take Over Day for Y6.  All the children took on different roles from Headteacher to Classteacher and from Office Manager to Premise.  They even covered playtime duties!  Take a look at the photos.

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Parents – How can you help?

As introduced in the Parent meeting on 14 September 2017, here is a link to the presentation and all the useful websites.

Parents Meeting Presentation for Year 5 and 6 Autumn 2017


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