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Year 1B – Autumn Term 2019

For design and technology we worked as a team to construct the British Hotel that Mary Seacole ran in 1854 during the Crimean War.

Here are our models of the British hotel constructed from different materials.

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Autumn term Class 1B blog

Please see what class 1B have been busy doing

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Hello 1B Parents


My name is Miss Roberts and welcome to the start of a new and exciting year!

We will be learning lots of interesting things within the Year 1 curriculum and will be engaging in many activities.

Our literacy text is The Three Little Pigs. Whilst reading The Three Little Pigs we will be learning how to write stories, lists, labels and captions as well as retelling the story and taking part in some drama!

In math, we will focus on Number, place value, addition and subtraction. This week we have been finding pairs of numbers that total 10 and applying this knowledge to solve problems.

This term, in phonics, we will be revising our initial sounds and digraphs learnt in Reception and learning new sounds.

In science, we are learning about Everyday Materials, we will be sorting and investigating their properties.

PE will be about Gymnastics, please remember that we have PE on Wednesday and Thursday.

The children have settled well and we are looking forward to continue our learning journey.

Miss Roberts

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Year 1 in June

Year 1 had a lovely day at the Horniman Museum, jam packed with new learning. We had a great introduction to musical instruments from around the world, we got to play some of them and some of us even performed an Irish dance.  We also visited the fun, interactive new temporary exhibition ‘Colours, The Rainbow Revealed’. This area explores everything to do with colour, how we see it, how we perceive different colours, how colours are used in packaging and advertising, how our eyes work and how our sight might differ from a person with colour blindness and even how other animals see things.

We also went into the museum to find real examples of things that we learnt about throughout the year. For example, we saw marsupials, the jaw of a tiger shark, brain coral and mushroom coral, which we have studied this month. Earlier this year we learnt about Inuit peoples, who have lived in the Arctic for thousands of years. Living off the land. The museum has traditional Inuit clothing which is made from animal skins such as caribou or sealskin. Caribou skin is a slightly warmer material, but sealskin is more water resistant. It was vital the clothing was made correctly, as even the smallest hole can let in cold air, causing frostbite that can kill the wearer.  The museum has a woman’s parka coat with a large hood and shoulders to allow a child to be carried inside. If, like me, you did not find this, next time you visit my challenge to you is to find it. In fact, go back often, there is mush more to discover, for example, did you know the famous walrus that has been on display here for more than 100 years is bigger than it was when alive? The taxidermist who stuffed him had never seen a live walrus, and put in far too much stuffing, stretching his wrinkly skin tight!


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October in Year 1

We have continued to make lots of progress in Y1, focusing on perseverance and independent learning. We have been working creatively, designing and painting scary wolf masks and baking delicious cupcakes in the kitchen while learning about instructions.

In Literacy we have also been writing letters, lists, character descriptions and stories. The children have become confident with using commas, exciting adjectives and openers like ‘first’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’, and we’ve been amazed at the quality of their writing!

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting using a number line, and have learned how to weigh objects using balances and electronic scales – something that came in useful when we weighed our sugar, butter and flour in our cupcake recipe! We have also continued to explore our local area through maps and pictures, and looked at which materials suit different uses. 

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