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Year 5 Trip to the Planetarium

Year 5 enjoyed their trip to the planetarium Wander if they found any Aliens. See how they got on from the pictures below;

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British Museum Trip

Y5’S  trip to the  British  Museum

On Friday 15th March 2019 Y5, went to the British museum as Ancient Greece is are topic. We walked around the museum and admired the different types of pots and Greek Gods.

First, we went to our classroom and Miss Pau assigned us to our groups. I was in Mr Latham’s group, I was partnered with Joel he was funny but silly. At 9:15 we left the building we walked to the bus station and caught the 176 to Tottenham Court Road and arrived at about 11:20. After a while we made an appearance and went to discover about Ancient Greece then at about 12:30 we ate lunch, I really enjoyed lunch because of the heated flooring.

After we ate lunch, we went back to explore the museum my group discovered that Greek people use different types of pots for example the Hydria is used for carring and pouring wine and we also found out that the Jekythos is to hold oil . Later on, we went to room 13 we also saw loads of pots with interesting patterns. My group found attractive pot .

Then we went to room 14 , in this room we saw loads of ancient Gods and Goddesses I found a God called Apollo he was the God of music my group also found Athena the Goddesses of war and wisdom after that, we went to room 69 we went to case 35 and 36 we saw loads of picture they showed lots of detail. When we finished in room 69 we left the museum  and cached 2 buses learned about new things and how lifestyle is in the ancient times. 2 buses and went back to school I really enjoyed the school trip because I learned about new things and how lifestyle is in the ancient times.

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Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! Hopefully you all had a merry and restful break! To start of the new year, we would like to share a very important message that we focused on last half term… If you’re still short on new year’s resolutions this might inspire you!


We have been focusing on persuasive language in Literacy and we have chosen a selection of persuasive letters to share:


Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you because I feel that recycling is becoming everybody’s nightmare… Well I want that to change, would you help? I was up all night researching about what harm it can make and if you didn’t know that 14million glasses and jars are sent to landfills every day in the UK isn’t that crazy.

Still people are throwing things on the floor and everything you throw kills sea life. Sea life is important, because if they eat it and then we eat that animal and then we would be eating plastic because that would be inside their body.

If you recycle it will make a huge change to the world. So let’s have a go ourselves and try to make the world a better place. Recycling is not that hard, only 40% of the world recycles. Let’s make 60% of the world recycle .







Dear Parents/Carers,


Do YOU  care about our future? This is an improved and better chapter of recycling! Did you know recycling reduces pollution, reduces plastic waste AND helps the environment?

What happens if I don’t reuse reduce and recycle? That’s a very intelligent question! Here are three useful facts of things, that would happen to our precious earth if we don’t reuse reduce and recycle:

Firstly, pollution and pollutants WILL OVERPOPOULATE and KILL the Earth whether it is air, water or LAND POLLUTION!

Secondly, landfills will become SO COLLOSALL and crowded with trash! So do you want that? NO!!

Thirdly, if you don’t recycle you will hurt the environment because fish and other sea animals will eat the plastic waste, then we eat the fish with the plastic in our bodies and it might KILL US! So if you don’t recycle, it can kill HUMANS TOO!

Recyclable items are collected from your home in two ways: There are ‘curbside’ (it is collected from your sidewalk) where recyclables are sorted into their respective materials. The next one is, that it is collected DIRECTLY from your house.

You can recycle by buying stuff from the supermarket, that can be recycled. You can also recycle by reusing your materials you already have for other stuff!

I hope I convinced you to recycle and remember to recycle otherwise we’ll DIE!!





Dear Parents/Carers,


As you may have noticed, there is a serious lack of reusing recycling and reducing that needs to be resolved. Did you, that in less than two hours creates enough waste to fill the Albert Hall?

You guys might think that recycling is tedious and hard but we should recycle before it is too late. DO YOU WANT A FUTURE? The lack of recycling is appalling and the air pollution is hurting our planet and the plastic is killing our sea life. We are eating plastic from the fish.

If you recycle one tin can, it will save enough energy to power your TV for three hours. If you recycle one glass bottle, it will power your computer for twenty extra minutes.

You’re in charge here, you don’t understand the effects of the planet. All you need to do is, recycle a few old glass bottles, paper and plastic. It’s as easy as that, all you do is recycle your old things and it will save the planet. In other words, we need to recycle before it is too late and throw your rubbish in the right bin.


Yours faithfully,




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Our Trip to Greenwich Planetarium

Whilst we were on are school trip we manage to learn that the universe keeps growing and detracting. Scientists say that this could be because of dark energy and one day are sun will die with the rest of the universe, and maybe 140 000 years from now are day will expand to 25 hours. I wonder if children will have an extra hour of school? Did you know that Mars has the highest land point in the milky way galaxy, as well as that Neptune is not the coldest planet in our galaxy?! Pluto as we know is now classed as a star now to us children, we also know most planets were discovered by astronomers. This is our galaxy:

Did you know that there once may have been life on Mars? Did you know that Earth is 4.54 billion years old?! Jupiter and Uranus have rings- they are just very faint so you can barely see them! Our galaxy is not the only one… there are many, many others we are yet to discover!

The most interesting fact I learnt was that the milky way is made of stars!

I had a really good time, my favourite part was being with the whole class to share my experience!

We had a cracking time at the Planetarium! My favourite part was the space show- it really flew my mind!

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5G CLass Blog

5G have become poets this week and written their own Limericks. I hope you enjoy reading a small selection as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Once there was a cat,

Who sat on a mat.

He was so famished,

That he just vanished,

When he came back he was very fat!


This woman is very scary,

Everyone calls her Mary.

She always has a frown,

And never turns it upside down.

Everyone says she got cursed by a hairy fairy!


I met a hairy baboon,

He adored a big balloon!

He snored at night,

Had a morning fight,

And also got stuck in a cocoon.

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Day 7 It’s Hard Work Feeding the Hungry Cows

BUMF0464 EIBZ0881 EVFL2893 GWGG0955 HIFR1858 IIFI9288 IUQP7064 IVKF3195 KDOS7143 LFZJ0293 LLEK4450 MFBK9368 MVBQ5525 OIOO3475 QKWU2904 QQLA7247 RKSH7272 TNDO5134 UNBB4181 XSJJ0186 XTXW8486 XXCD1929

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Day 6…Farm Fun ;-) Working hard to keep the animals fed, the plants watered and the house tidy!

WSUC3049 WZTW3037 XNRH5521 XTJW4696 XVMR5703 AMQR7783 BLXA4671 BTLU7805 CAKE5566 CBDQ9324 CFPE3916 CKCP1007 CUOE8496 CZAO6857 DAGH9842 DETZ2083 DSAH3306 DUAO1993 DZXA2102 FDJI9535 FKGE7728 GAIG1504 GEIK0872 GPLQ0837 GPXO9618 GQAY9197 GVTU8629 HAGT3082 HBIP2726 IPVW6062 ISPA0881 IVSQ5369 JBZC3861 JMOY4229 JMSN3580 JPZV8785 JVUD0204 KFVH8716 KGEN6949 KLMB8763 KTAU0530 KVJI9486 KXZU6102 LAGP4856 LAJK7670 LUOE6112 LURH1438 MIYH0704 MKBU6134 MLMH6660 MPVI0144 MVZT5102 NATY9059 NFFS1779 NROT2273 NSAZ9973 NVGK0021 OFSF7862 OIWA0343 OLOK1387 ORVM7465 OWAG7605 PJKN2335 PKOV5373 PMSX2574 PPBR4696 PSNF7119 PVNL8765 PWUN2739 QCGN9625 QGNQ7042 QLUT5397 QMLG8671 QZHY8830 QZZT3912 RAFO5065 REGO4701 RGNW9918 RIGE3603 ROFI0995 SAIZ4197 SMUV7740 SQCU5213 TCBP1092 TDCK6750 TFEH0974 THVD1139 TRJC8551 TXYV4084 TYKA4986 UJPI1641 UMNL8470 URHV1465 URIY2267 VCAL9672 VDZJ8157 VENU3923 VIBX7062 VJMB0817 VXKW5806 VYFI5620 VYRD7441 WAPO8689 WLKG5181

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Wick Court Farm Days 4 and 5…Pigs…Horses…Sheep…Beautiful Views…Life at the Farm :-)

WWIL6397 XCMN4968 XFAW4520 XRLJ1383 XXYX7805 YFDK1735 ANPP2439 CEWS6799 CRYZ5278 DBOL3455 EDNX6532 ETWH6632 GTOZ8766 HGIU3433 HUSF6053 JIPR4533 JLKK2111 KMCU7606 KVVP9666 LBJY3727 LOTA8131 MCSS0972 NEND8581 NJDC0825 NLRU1169 OXBK2692 PEPA4355 PGBO5944 PNEW9945 QIUU9148 QZEF7317 RKEJ8421 SWKL2722 TVRR2956 UKWI0033 UKXN3716 UMRH6338 UXZJ9460 UYKQ8617 VAYD7801 VBTB6733 VKUC7963 VSNL2175 WRPL7238 WTJN2742

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Wick Court Farm Day 1, 2 and 3

ACBT9761 AJRB5556 AKMC4347 ANRD9926 ASUK9670 AZRL8360 CEKP2240 CESD1140 COHX2770 CTGY4282 DQWS6234 EHAW7421 EJNI9651 EQHF5384 EYTN5354 EYWZ1537 FDPS8935 FODQ5529 FRYK2903 GHEJ6335 GOSO2472 GPBF8777 HFSA9463 HNEA4854 HVLS3611 ICEF3240 IDQU6357 IEDK9082 IXJO6154 JKFA3453 JKIV7822 KHOL4907 KZLL6169 LAJB4361 LJGR2368 LPST7519 MJJF4475 MUCL1513 MXYL8029 NLGF8851 NZLR0541 OGWR6428 OIYA4970 OVVI2865 PDJB1790 PHKK4053 PMUH6837 POEA4452 QAQJ0724 RFBM3098 SGYL8830 SNQW6249 SQKI9897 SRGM7835 SRYI4620 STAW5941 TWZQ5793 TYSX9700 TZFM9097 UAPV0514 UIUN2230 UKLV6365 UTZK4527 UVQL7031 UZIS3124 VQYV6756 VRSG3550 WKOH6174 WZLY5019 YDAG5511 YDXB7047

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Wick Court Farm 2018

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Year 5 bulletin


We have been inventing and writing about our own planets over the last few weeks! We wrote about the climate, size, appearance and aliens on our planets, as well as any other interesting features.


Our focus has been fractions over the last few weeks. We have been comparing simplifying, comparing and converting fractions. We have been persevering with this as sometimes it can be tricky!


Alessandra, our Italian teacher, has been teaching us how to count up to 100 in Italian; here we are in action:


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Parents – How can you help?

As introduced in the Parent meeting on 14 September 2017, here is a link to the presentation and all the useful websites.

Parents Meeting Presentation for Year 5 and 6 Autumn 2017


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