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Art in March

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February Art

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Art in November

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Our works in progress

Year 2 have designed Adire patterned textile prints

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Art this term

Year 3 have made some salt dough stone age jewellery

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So far in art this term…

Another wonderful line painting. Now we know about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

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This week in Art

This week, art therapy session.  Levon enjoyed himself, he especially loves the play dough and plasticine.
Year 3B were experimenting with creating caveman paint.  They helped to make paint from natural material and food.  They painted pictures using the paint and were amazed at the colours they produced.  It was great fun but left my room smelling like an Indian takeaway due to the curry powder paint.
Year 2G have been making paper mâché hot air balloons to go along with their “flight” topic.  They will begin to paint their designs next week.
Year 4B have been drawing preliminary sketches for a “Marc Chagall” inspired circus painting.  They are looking at a book called “Leon and the place between” which features a boy and a circus.  They have also looked at the work of Alexander Calder who was inspired by the circus.
Year 1B have been learning how to colour mix using primary colours o create secondary colours.  They have painted concentric circles in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.
Year 5B have been continuing their Ancient Greek topic.  They designed a mythological creature and drew a Greek style vase which was decorated with their creature and patterns at the neck and base.  They used a pottery app to create Ancient Greek vases.  This week they began to make a paper mâché Greek vase.

Year 6B have been making a “tunnel” picture based on either a scene from the book they are reading in class or from their imagination.
Year 3/4N have been painting a winters scene which includes silver birch trees.
RB (Reception) have been learning about and creating repeating patterns using coloured foam shapes.
We were excited this week to be filmed for the new website and to be visited by so many new parents who seemed very enthusiastic about the art room and the creativity of the students.

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