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After School Activities

      Important Information – please read carefully.

Clubs begin the week commencing Monday 13th January 2020 until Friday 27th March 2020. There are 10 weeks of clubs as there are no sessions during half term or during the first or final week of the term.

Please be aware that the Gardening Club will start after the half-term on 25th of February 2020 and finish on 24th of March 2020 so it will run for 5 weeks at a cost of £5 per session/£25 for the term.

All the other clubs cost £3.50 per session/ £35 per term, except for Cooking and Gardening which are £5 per session to cover ingredients and materials.
Italian, Chess and Afro Beats require a £1 admin fee and are now bookable on ParentPay.

Clubs are limited to one club per child to ensure equal opportunities for participation. Please book one club only. If a club is under-subscribed, we will offer additional bookings.

Payment for clubs must be made on ParentPay. We are unable to accept cash or voucher payments as places are allocated on a first come first served basis according to ParentPay payments.

All clubs will begin at 3:45pm and finish at 4:45pm. Children will need to be collected from the main hall entrance. Failure to collect your child on time will result in a £10 fee and may result in the withdrawal from the club.
Please pay on ParentPay by Tuesday 7th January 2020 as we are unable to accept children after the commencement of the first sessions.

Clubs Descriptions


Coding (Years 3 and 4): (Max 12) Introducing children to this important field, and giving them confidence and skills for the digital age. Learn to code simple animations and games via block coding, using the online program scratch. 

PS – The children will need to set up an account on Scratch prior to joining the club.

Cooking Club (Year 5 and 6): (Max 10) Learn how to cook simple recipes.

Football Club (Years 1 – 3): (Max 20) Football training for KS1. Enhance co-ordination, agility and cardiovascular fitness.


Football Club (Years 4 – 6): (Max 20) Football training for KS2. Enhance co-ordination, agility and cardiovascular fitness.

Green Toys (Years 4 -6): (Max 12) Making toys out of recyclable materials and awareness of saving water and electricity.

Gardening Club (Year 1-4): (Max 15) Learn how to grow your own food, make your own plant pots plus garden craft activities.

Please Note: Gardening Club will start after the half-term on 25th of February 2020 and finish on 24th of March 2020 so it will run for 5 weeks at a cost of £5 per session/£25 for the term. 

Afro Beats ~ Beginners (Year 3 to 6): (Max 20) Learn to dance the African Rhythms.


Italian (Years 1-3): (Max 10) Learn how to write and speak Italian. Provided  by the Italian Consulate.

Arts & Crafts (Years 3-5): (Max 12) Drawing, Painting and making arts for year 3 to 5.


Chess (Year 3 to 6): (Max 10) Chess is a fun game, but it also provides many educational benefits – It helps children develop their analytical skills and teaches life-skills!

Arts & Crafts Self Portrait (Years 1 to 4): (Max 12) Art & crafts and self-portrait for the KS1 and years 3 and 4.

Let’s Paint Materials (Years 3 to 5): (Max 10) 

Italian (Years 4 to 6): (Max 12) Learning a second language can vastly improve mastery of your first language and develop thinking. It also helps to build confidence. Provided by the Italian Consulate.

Afro Beats ~ Intermediate (Years 3-6): (Max 20) Learn to dance the African Rhythms.


Performance (Years 3 to 5): (Max 15) Acting, dancing, singing to create a performance show. This exciting club will include, dance, singing and drama!

Film Club (Years 3 to 5): (Max 12)  Do you want to be the next Spielberg? Do you have an interest in movies and how they are made? Come to Film club where we watch, discuss, plan and create movies! Over some popcorn of course!

Over the 10 weeks, you will have the opportunity to watch a variety of films and create your own movie inspired by the topics discussed.